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Panacotta with wild lavender "Mauve"

150 ml full fresh milk
350 ml cream 35 % fat
6 gr gelatines
65 gr crystalline sugar
1 vanilla twig
5-6 wild lavender flowers "Mauve"
2 teaspoons of Flower honey

For our aromatic wild lavender panacotta we will initially put the gelatines in cold water to get soft.
Then we put a pot on low heat with the milk, sugar, vanilla twig (after we rip with a knife and get the seeds out as well) and 100 ml of the cream.
Then we add the wild lavender flowers and cover the pot with a membrane.

When it begins to boil we remove the pot from the fire and leave it for 5 'at room temperature to
bring out all the fragrances of lavender and vanilla.

Then we will add the gelatines too (after we rub them well with our hands) and we will mix for a
while with a blender.

Finally we put the rest of the cream and mix well. We will remove the vanilla twig and the wild
lavender flowers.

We are now ready to fill small bowls with the mixture and put them in the refrigerator for 4 hours to
cool well.

When we serve the panacottas, we will pour some honey on top and trim some wild lavender as
well. Enjoy!

Wild Lavender Sauce with lemon

120 olive oil infused with wild lavender "Mauve2”
2 gr crystalline sugar
3 gr mild mustard
25 ml fresh lemon juice
Salt –Pepper
A little water (if necessary)

For this unique sauce that accompanies salads, grilled fish, white meat and toasted bread, we will blend the lemon juice, sugar, mustard, salt and pepper .
Then we will add slowly the aromatic olive oil “Mauve2” and continue mixing for another 2’.
The sauce is ready and we will add some water if necessary.

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