Lavender Tea


Spring comes in the land of Atropos... and a Mauve wild flower blooms on the high hill.
We collect it only by hand, dry it naturally and this is how “Mauve” - wild lavender tea- is born and reaches your cup.
A fine, handmade tea made from an aromatic herb with particularly beneficial and curative properties.
A relaxing tisane, ideal for stress, insomnia, headaches and indigestion. Based on scientific studies, the herb , among other qualities, has anti- inflammatory, anti- microbial and antioxidant action.

Ingredients: Whole Wild lavender flowers. Sufficient for 25(approx.) tea portions.

Recommended Daily consuption : One cup of tea with 2-3 “Mauve” flowers.
Usage : Infuse 2-3 wild lavender flowers in a cup of hot water for 5’-7’. Remove the flowers and enjoy!
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